Men’s Ministry


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” 

We are a community of men submitted and committed to following the example of Jesus Christ. We seek to glorify and serve God through the building of character, serving the community and reproducing His Life in the lives of others.

MANHOOD- from God’s perspective. We want to encourage every man to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that moves him toward the Image of God and true manhood based on the Word of God and the example of Jesus Christ.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY – from God’s perspective. We want to challenge every man to live his faith out in his home life, and to influence his family as he leads his wife and children toward active, living faith in Jesus Christ. Every man is to honor God in the spiritual leadership of his home.

MATURITY- We want to encourage every man to grow in his faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and in his man-to-man faith partnerships in the church that move him toward Christ –likeness on a weekly basis. Proverb 27:17

MINISTRY- We want every man to realize his gifts and talents, and to seek for ways to serve Christ and his church proactively. A Godly man will serve Christ and the church in leadership roles as he matures to build up the body of Christ, and he will move to meet the needs of others.

MISSION- Every man of God has a sphere of influence in his community, work, recreation, family, and personal life. Our goal in men’s ministries is that each man reach others for Jesus Christ.